Get more value from your tools with Mailprotector Partner Integrations

Mailprotector makes your PSA and Billing work smoother by letting you integrate with the most popular packages in the industry. Each partner has certified these integrations, allowing for a smooth data flow from our software to yours. Don’t see an integration, use the contact page and send us a note for integration you would find beneficial.

Mailprotector cloud-based Management Console gives authorized partners total access and control over the entire Mailprotector product line, including CloudFilter, SafeSend, XtraMail, SecureStore, CloudMail, and Exchange+.

The integration pulls Mailprotector invoicing data directly into Autotask, allowing for seamless, integrated, automated billing for email and security services. Powerful LiveLinks within Autotask provide the MSP with direct access to each customer’s Mailprotector account for use by both Sales and Tech Support teams.

Integration Features

  • No charge for integration
  • Admin setup using existing Mailprotector credentials
  • Autotask LiveLink Single Pane of Glass management
  • Easily bundle and deliver new email services
  • Simplified billing and management

Gradient makes billing reconciliation automated for your MSP partners & resellers so they get paid for everything they sell. Synthesize removes barriers to growing your channel business by connecting you to a growing list of PSAs and removing the need to spend time building, supporting, and maintaining numerous integrations. Putting your focus back on giving clients the best product and partner experience possible.


Integration Guide for Gradient Billable