Incident Response Checklist

As the protector of your users, employees are looking to you to keep them secure. It can be a thankless job, as you are defending against cyberattacks many will never even know about. But are you prepared in case a cyber attack should occur?

If you don’t have one already, you need to create an incident response plan. In the rare case of a cyber attack, you need to be able to follow a plan that was laid out when your organization was not under duress. Doing so will allow you or your clients to calmly open your plan and get to work.

A solid incident response plan will help you think through all areas of your business – not just the technical side. To properly build an effective plan, you’ll need to be mindful of everyone who will both be impacted and involved with the security restoration process.

This guide will walk you through considerations you should take in defending against attacks and building your own incident response plan.