Tips on how to reduce your belly, cope with big bills and buy low cost ink cartridges are the most popular subject lines for spam emails. This is according to filtering statistics analyzed over one week by cloud-based email security, management and hosting specialist, Mailprotector.

According to the company’s secure email filtering engines, which scan messages for offensive, harmful or policy violating content, the number one spam subject is the simple one-word ‘Hi!’ closley followed by ‘Hello!’. The rather worrying ‘These 4 things happen right before a heart attack’ comes in at number three. The list, however, includes a variety of topics from ‘Tips to a tiny belly’ to ‘Why you have joint pain’ to lure people into clicking on a link or opening an attachment and potentially infecting their systems with malware.

Mailprotector revealed last month that small and medium sized businesses could be losing as much as £34,000 a year each from unwanted email, including spam. This figure included time spent by employees opening, reading and deleting spam emails, as well as support costs, but not the downtime and costs related to affected networks and systems.

“I think it suprises us that spam is still such big business and still has such an impact on our daily working – and personal – lives,’’ according to Scott Tyson, Sales Director EMEA, Mailprotector. ‘‘Many companies have email filtering or spam solutions that help capture the majority of it, but for those that don’t, it’s annoying, frustrating and can be downright offensive if the spam is of a sexual or harmful nature.”

The top spam list was compiled in May 2015 from global customers using Mailprotector’s email filtering services. The top 10 list is revealed below:

Top 10 Spam Subjects

  1. Hi!
  2. Hello!
  3. These 4 Things Happen Right Before A Heart Attack
  4. How Safe is Your Area??? Find Sex Offenders Near You
  5. Why You Have Joint Pain
  6. Locks in Freshness
  7. Big Bills and No Way to pay them?
  8. Glasses Sale – Sign Up For 50% Off Your First Pair!
  9. 1 Tip To A Tiny Belly
  10. Low Cost Ink Cartridges

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